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Math In Focus ONLINE TEXT Kindergarten through Grade 5
(Contact your child's teacher for a student account.)


Students in grades 6 and 7 should speak with their math teachers for access to online text.


What is Math in Focus?

  A new district wide math program for students in grades K-5.
  A world class math curriculum.
  Research based using model drawing.
What is Model drawing?
  Model drawing helps children solve simple and complex word problems.
  Model drawing helps see the part-whole structure of the problems.
  Students learn to SEE math to form mental images of mathematical ideas/concepts.
  No reading skills are necessary to learn the math.
Why start a new math program?
  District schools did not have a consistent math program before.
•  District math scores showed a need for improved teaching/learning.
•  This program has shown to have positive results on MAP.
Why is this program better than other programs?
  The program uses models to solve real-world problems that are relevant to students.
  It broadens thinking skills and builds math success and confidence.
  Homework consists of practice problems to reinforce the math skills learned in the  classroom.
  There are fewer topics so knowledge is built thoroughly. Skills are mastered.
How will Math in Focus help my child?
•  Students will experience various learning techniques including hands-on, small groups, pairs, use of technology 
   and group and independent practice.
•  There is multiple resources to help English Language Learner students, struggling students, on-level students,
   and advanced students.
•  Communication skills will be built through math talk, in which students discuss their thinking and reflect on what
   they are learning.
How will I be able to help my child with his/her math?
  Practice newly acquired skills with your child at home to help build math confidence.
  Letters will be sent home throughout the year that will help you understand what your child learned in school.
   These letters contain activities you can do at home with everyday items.


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